Month: October 2021

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Infant, current issues

Much in a child’s health depends on the first days of the first year of his life. At this time, all organs and systems are actively developing. At this time, the parents get used to the child, and the child gets to know the parents. Some habits and algorithms of behavior and relationships appear. It is important that…
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Research methods in patients with epilepsy

Application of neuropsychological and psychodiagnostic research methods in the assessment of cognitive functions and emotional-personal sphere in patients with epilepsy. Epilepsy in children is characterized by a high frequency of occurrence (up to 1% among the child population) and leads to significant mental disorders in terms of severity. This disease poses a serious threat during the…
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Sleep disturbances and fears through the eyes of a neurologist

“Our baby does not sleep well at night … probably he has intracranial pressure ….”  If a healthy baby sleeps well during the day, but badly at night, then either he gets enough sleep during the day, or does not have time to get tired by the night’s sleep, or is strongly overexcited on the eve…
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Getting out of depression

Depression recovery begins with an accurate diagnosis of a specific type of depression. There are two main types of depression – psychogenic, stress-induced and endogenous, which develops regardless of external causes due to subtle biochemical disorders in the brain. Types of depression A characteristic clinical picture helps doctors determine the type of depression. So, endogenous depression is…
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About neuropsylocholy

Neuropsychology is an intensively developing branch of psychology, the main task of which is to study the brain mechanisms of mental processes. The neuropsychological theory is based on the concept of the systemic structure of higher mental functions (HPF), according to which each of them is a complex functional system consisting of many links (or…
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