Alternative treatments for epilepsy

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Alternative treatments for epilepsy

Epilepsy is not a sentence! Of course, this disease disrupts the usual way of life – work, study, rest, but this is just an excuse to start competently organizing your future. Epilepsy, like other types of the disease, has many varieties, some of which require immediate medical supervision and medical treatment. Epilepsy is a type of disease that affects both adults and infants. The hallmarks of epilepsy are seizures, loss of consciousness and personality changes.  

In newborns, epilepsy is caused by genetic metabolic disorders and pathological changes in the central nervous system. At an older age, the cause of the disease can be a brain tumor or damage to the cranial bones or soft tissues of the brain. In people over the age of 40, epileptic syndrome can develop against the background of a stroke.

Epileptics have three periods: seizure, seizure and interictal period. An epileptic seizure occurs unexpectedly and regardless of any factors. At this time, the person falls unconscious and begins to writhe from spasms and convulsive contractions. The tongue often sinks and thus provokes suffocation and foam at the mouth. In children with epileptics, a seizure is often reflected by short-term fading and lack of response to the voice.

If a person has had a seizure at least once, even without signs of seizures, you should immediately rush to consult a doctor. Along with this, undergo a complete laboratory and medical examination. Doctors assign patients with appropriate antiepileptic drugs, depending on the type of seizure. The treatment process itself is quite long and requires a systematic attitude.

It is extremely difficult for epileptics to live a normal life, because at any moment a seizure may be overtaken. This can happen even while watching TV. It is best to start treatment early. To do this, you can use not only drug treatment, but also all kinds of alternative methods. Better yet, if these two options are combined together, but before any treatment, be sure to get permission from a doctor. Consult with your doctor in advance and act boldly! 

Herbal treatment for epilepsy

All traditional methods of treating epilepsy consist of drinking herbal infusion, and therefore if a person does not have an allergy to any component, then you can try to apply it.

1. Lavender infusion is drunk for a month with a break of two weeks and is repeated after the procedure. For cooking, you need a teaspoon of ground dry lavender (both a flower and a stem are taken), pour 200 ml of boiled water and leave to languish for half an hour on a steam bath. Drink an infusion of 2 tbsp. spoons after meals, except for breakfast. 

2. Infusion of peony root. It is best to use a freshly dug flower root. It needs to be washed from the ground, cut off two long cuttings and treated with boiling water. Then finely chop the root and grind with a blender. For a one-day cooking, pour 10 grams of ground root into a deep saucepan, pour 500 ml of boiling water and simmer for one minute. Drink the cooled peony infusion after meals every day for a tablespoon. The effect will be best if you drink the infusion half an hour before eating. 

3. Beet juice helps prevent cramping. Peel one small beetroot, rinse and pass through the finest grater. Then put the whole mass in cheesecloth and squeeze the juice out of it. Drinking such juice is useful during the day for 1/4 cup. But it’s also good to use juice made from spinach, celery, or cherries to treat epilepsy. 

4. Wormwood has long been used to prepare medicines, and epilepsy is no exception. Before you start preparing the infusion, you need to take care of making homemade kvass from black bread. Wormwood is generally universal, as it is used as an antipyretic, tonic and anti-inflammatory agent. To prepare the medicine, you will first have to prepare about half a liter of kvass and two tablespoons of chopped herbs. Pour the herb with kvass and set it to simmer on low heat until the broth boils. After that, you need to carefully strain the solution again. The medicine is ready to use, it is recommended to take it at night before going to bed.  

5. Oats are famous for their medicinal properties. It contains useful vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, and fiber. Therefore, a decoction made from the green tops of oats helps to relieve pain in the joints and improve the condition. It is necessary to cut off the green tops of the plant, pour over with boiling water and grind through a meat grinder. Then put the resulting gruel on cheesecloth and squeeze out the juice. You need to drink oat juice every day, half an hour before meals, 100 ml. 

6. An infusion of hop cones, mint, sweet clover, elecampane and lemon balm is taken as an adjunct to the general treatment of epilepsy. To prepare it you need to take 100g of each of the ingredients and mix. Then pour 10 g of the resulting collection with a glass of boiled water and leave covered until it cools. The infusion should be drunk before taking the main medicines, two glasses a day. In addition to the above herbs, valerian root, adonis, motherwort, wild rosemary, and hawthorn can be used to treat epilepsy.  

7. Onion juice also helps to reduce the number of seizures. For one day of intake, it is enough to squeeze the juice from one onion and divide in equal parts into three doses. 

8. For the relief of epileptic seizures, children are recommended herbal baths prepared from the roots of valerian, wormwood and rosemary. The bath is prepared every other day. Pour ground valerian roots into a liter of boiling water. After cooling, the finished infusion is dissolved in a warm bath and the child is bathed for 20 minutes. 

The easiest treatment for epilepsy

Everyone can feel the miraculous effect of this popular way of fighting epilepsy. The simplicity of the preparation is obvious: for one and a half months, a patient suffering from an ailment should be in a room saturated with the smell of myrrh resin.

You can ask for this resin in the church. This is how priests treated epilepsy many years ago. Patients suffering from fatigue and persistent neuroses can also use this method. Myrrh resin can cure almost any disease of the nervous system.

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