Frequently asked questions in pregnancy during epilepsy

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Frequently asked questions in pregnancy during epilepsy

Is pregnancy safe for women with epilepsy?

Yes, it’s safe! With proper care, over 90% of women give birth to healthy babies. Although there is a 25% risk of recurrence of seizures during pregnancy. It is important to control seizures and anti-epilepsy medications. they can affect the fetus.

Does epilepsy affect getting pregnant?

Maybe. Epilepsy can increase the risk of infertility due to hormonal changes and changes in sexual dysfunction. Certain medications can contribute to ovarian disease, such as valproate . Therefore, the choice of drugs for women is important!

Does pregnancy increase the frequency of seizures?

Not always. Sometimes, during pregnancy, the frequency of epileptic seizures may increase; according to statistics, 25% of women experience an increase in the frequency of seizures.

Is there a risk of having an epileptic seizure during labor?

Really small. Rarely, seizures occur during childbirth and occur mainly in women with poorly controlled epilepsy. If an attack occurs, a cesarean section is used, or drugs are given that will help stop the attack immediately.

Are drugs dangerous for the fetus?

With proper treatment during pregnancy, no. Medicines for epilepsy usually cause the fetus to lack oxygen, but only if not properly treated. The goal during pregnancy is to control seizures with the least drug use, so planning for the baby is essential.

Will my child inherit epilepsy?

There is a risk, but not a big one!

Is breastfeeding dangerous?

No, it is not dangerous, you should not restrict the child from breastfeeding. Mother’s milk is irreplaceable!

In conclusion 

Every woman has the right to start a family and plan a child! Epilepsy is not a reason to limit yourself in this!

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