Impaired speech development in a child

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Impaired speech development in a child

Speech is a necessary element of our life. Kids from childhood learn to pronounce sounds, and then words. If the child has learned to speak, then he can safely communicate with his peers, make contact, play, and explore the world. The child will be happy to go to kindergarten or school.

Unfortunately, there are children with speech disorders. Such children become objects of ridicule of their peers, they close in on themselves. Studying is difficult for them, mainly because of the psychological factor. They become irritable and lag behind their peers. To avoid getting into this situation, take care of your child’s speech development in advance. Experienced staff will conduct detailed diagnostics at the Epihelp clinic. Based on the result of the examination, treatment is prescribed.

Causes of speech disorders in children

Even during the course of pregnancy, the expectant mother needs to monitor her diet and health status. Be observed so that there are no intrauterine pathologies.

The child may be affected by:

  1. Hypoxia.
  2. Prematurity.
  3. Use of prohibited drugs during pregnancy.
  4. Bad habits.
  5. Mom’s stress.
  6. Birth injuries.

Psychological traumas and illnesses have a great influence on speech development.

Types of speech disorders in children

  1. Stuttering.
  2. Disatria. Quiet voice, indistinct pronunciation, broken breathing. Speech can be either fast or slow.
  3. Alalia. Brain damage that causes speech to be heard but not perceived.
  4. Dyslalia. Difficult pronunciation of consonants.

If you find signs of speech disorders, you should immediately contact a specialist.Conduct an examination, consult a neurologist, psychologist, and speech therapist.

If a child at 1 year old does not speak words or by 2 years old speaks only individual words and it is very difficult to understand him, then parents, and sometimes doctors, often believe that there is no cause for concern. In most cases, they prefer to wait, especially if the child is a boy.

In some children, speech development is only slightly delayed and by the age of 3-4 years it is already leveled off to the age norm. But for many children, waiting time is a missed opportunity to start getting help on time.

Determining the cause of delayed speech development at a fairly early stage is not easy, but it is very important. There are many different causes and types of speech development disorders. The methods of correction and treatment in different cases differ significantly. The variety of speech disorders is explained by the complexity and multi-stage nature of speech mechanisms.

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