Jacksonian epilepsy treatment

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Jacksonian epilepsy treatment

Jacksonian epilepsy is a form of the disease in which seizures occur specifically. These seizures usually occur on one side of the body or limb. 

This type of epilepsy was discovered by the English neuropathologist – Jackson.

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  • Jacksonian epilepsy treatment

Jacksonian epilepsy symptoms

The disease manifests itself in the form of clonic and tonic-clonic seizures. A characteristic feature is that seizures occur with full consciousness. The seizure begins in one limb and spreads further along the side of the body on which it began. 

As a rule, an attack of Jacksonian epilepsy begins with the fingers, then goes to the shoulder, face, and then descends into the leg. The entire attack occurs only on one side of the patient’s body!

The final phase of the attack is reversed.

Causes of Jacksonian epilepsy

The main causes of this type of epilepsy are:

  • brain damage after trauma
  • vascular abnormalities of the brain
  • various tumors
  • encephalitis
  • pathology of the perinatal type

Jacksonian epilepsy treatment

Jacksonian epilepsy is treated with medication, with the help of anticonvulsants such as: lamictal , benzopal , valproic acid, hexamide , diphenin , phenobarbital. In cases where the drugs have no effect, this type of epilepsy is treated surgically.  

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