Leading epileptologists discussed modern technologies treatment methods epilepsy treatment

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Leading epileptologists discussed modern technologies treatment methods epilepsy treatment

November 8, 2013 in Moscow it was held annual Russian Federation the conference with international participation in ” Innovations in epileptology IV+”. Its organizer performed “Association epileptologists and patients”, as well as the presenters international medical services companies.

In the world of epilepsy suffer about 50 million people or 0.5-1% of the population. In Russia, the number of the number of patients is from 800,000 to 2.5 million people depending from the method counting, and many of them they don’t get it high-quality and modern treatment, they are denied in a decent way place in society.

At the conference participants discussed improving quality of life patients with epilepsy and their families, modern treatments epilepsy and integration patients in the society opportunities early diagnosis and treatment clinical cases from the practice.

In particular, K. V. Voronkova, Vice President Companies epileptologists and patients, she told me about standard and new methods and approaches treatment of patients with epilepsy and stressed, what is epilepsy — this is not a verdict, and with due care treatment of patients can minimize negative ones aspects of your business diseases and live normal life.

Eleanor Benn Menachem, Professor neurology and epilepsy Of Gothenburg University, reviewed innovative solutions approaches in the plan treatment of epilepsy and new drugs, which are effective applied currently time in Europe and they’ll be here soon in Russia. She underlined, what’s new antiepileptic drugs drugs allow zoom in efficiency and reduce it side effects treatment at the expense of your own unique number of the mechanism actions.

K. Yu. Mukhin, chief Executive officer Institutes children’s neurology and their epilepsy. Sainted Luke, discussed problems resistance in the treatment of epilepsy, as well as features applications new antiepileptic drugs preparations to overcome resistance. It is also detailed in detail described the advantages and features usage preparations in severe cases cases of epilepsy, gave some examples from my clinical practice practices.

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