Speleotherapy: indications and contraindications

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Speleotherapy: indications and contraindications

People for a long time, many centuries ago, drew attention to the fact that in salt caves it is easy and free to breathe. After it was noted that the miners who are engaged in the extraction of salt do not suffer from bronchial asthma. And thanks to this, a method of treatment arose for a long stay in such caves and mines, salt mines. 

There is a special microclimate, especially beneficial for people with respiratory diseases.

You can book a tour to Spain and visit salt caves there. The excellent therapeutic effect of speleotherapy is due to the increased concentration of finely dispersed aerosols of sodium chloride, the constancy of air temperature, in which there are no harmful impurities, microorganisms, allergens. Each breath of such wonderful air favorably and effectively affects many important systems of the body, in particular the nervous, immune, respiratory, cardiovascular, metabolism. 

The action of salt is mainly hyposensitizing and anti-inflammatory. Speleotherapy with asthma sufferers is especially recommended. Those who have visited the caves note a reduction in seizures, indicators of external respiration stabilize. Also, this method will help with chronic bronchitis, pollinosis, autonomic dystonia, the initial stage of arterial hypertension (pressure decreases gradually, can completely normalize), eczema, atopic dermatitis. 

Unfortunately, there are a number of conditions in which you can not descend into the data of a cave or mine. These are severe forms of asthma, pulmonary emphysema, pneumosclerosis, late stages of heart and respiratory failure, circulatory disorders, chronic kidney diseases, as well as hysteroneurosis, epilepsy, claustrophobia.

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