The perfect remedy for depression

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The perfect remedy for depression

What are the main treatments for depression? Medication and psychotherapeutic. Sometimes these two approaches, different in their mechanism of action, are artificially opposed to each other.

People with a narrow outlook tend to rush to extremes and declare either the complete failure of psychotherapy, or indiscriminately blame medications, relying only on the saving power of the word. As “the ideal remedy for depression”, we propose a combined approach consisting of an intelligent combination of drug therapy, psychotherapy and some physiotherapy methods.

Depression treatment

Treatment of depression begins with a diagnosis, determining the specific type of depression that a particular patient suffers from. Distinguish between psychogenic (associated with the action of traumatic circumstances) and endogenous (associated with malfunctions in the brain at the biochemical level) depression. In the treatment of psychogenic depression, the main emphasis is on psychotherapy, in the treatment of endogenous depression, on drug treatment.

A careful collection of information about the patient’s life, the characteristics of his disorders, helps to determine the type of depression. In addition, pathopsychological examination , a complex of special tests carried out in our clinic, plays a significant role in the diagnosis . 

As a drug treatment, we offer therapy with modern antidepressants, to which, depending on the individual patient, other drugs are added.

Types of psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can be represented by individual, group and family psychotherapy. There are many psychotherapeutic techniques, and each of them, perhaps, could claim to be an ideal remedy for depression.

We adhere to the principle “There is no ideal technique, no ideal pill … There is only an ideal pill and technique for this particular patient in this particular case.” It is on this that the individual approach to patients suffering from depression is based, which we profess within the walls of our institution and, with our usual modesty, call “the ideal remedy for depression” …

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