Month: September 2020

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Abnormal brain activity – not yet epilepsy

Almost a century and a half ago, in May 1873, Hans Berger, the discoverer of the alpha rhythm of the human brain and the creator of the electroencephalography method, was born in Germany. It should be noted that the very fact of the generation of an electric current by the brain was discovered by the Englishman…
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Hercules’ disease: epilepsy

Epilepsy in ancient times was known as Hercules’ disease – it was believed that the famous hero of ancient Greek mythology was ill with it. In addition, according to historical records, epilepsy was accompanied by such famous historical figures as Socrates, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte. Falling disease, or epilepsy One of the…
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Personality changes in patients with epilepsy

They are caused by the duration of the course of the disease, when the patient suddenly has such traits and features in his character that he had never had before. This is the so-called epileptic character. Thought processes also change in a very peculiar way, which ultimately leads to the formation of epileptic dementia. The whole circle…
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