Month: April 2021

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Complete remission in epilepsy

“Epilepsy remission” – this topic is still discussed by epileptologists all over the world. What is complete remission of epilepsy? Complete remission is a complete suppression of all seizures and epiativity on the EEG, in the absence of pronounced side effects from the treatment used, while maintaining a high quality of life. What time frame is sufficient to say…
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Work and epilepsy

Let’s talk about a topic that is relevant to many: work and epilepsy. People with epilepsy consider finding a job as one of the main problems.  In many countries of the world , the unemployment rate among patients with epilepsy is high and reaches 50%. The same picture is observed in Russia. Of the total number of patients registered in dispensaries, 50-60% are employed.    …
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Disability with epilepsy

This is a long article on an important socio-medical topic. Let’s discuss common questions of patients with epilepsy: will they give disability due to epilepsy; causes of disability; criteria for disability; the establishment of disability at ITU; how many disability groups; what is the disability group for epilepsy; the first group of disability; second group of disability; third group of disability; what group of disabilities are given…
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Nocturnal epilepsy or sleep epilepsy

In this article, we will find out what nocturnal epilepsy or epilepsy in a dream is, we will find out what seizures can be in a dream, what are the differences between epilepsy in a dream and sleep disturbance.Epileptic seizures in relation to the time of day can be: only night seizures, mainly night seizures,…
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Can epilepsy be cured?

This is the question every patient with epileptic seizures asks. Recent advances in medicine have made epilepsy a treatable disease.   The newest antiepileptic drugs have been created , new principles of treatment, including surgical treatment, have been developed, a special ketogenic diet has been developed, modern diagnostic methods are used , qualified specialists – epileptologists have been trained , experience in treatment taking into account the forms of epilepsy is accumulating .          These innovations in epileptology have helped…
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