Month: August 2021

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The ketogenic diet is a treatment for epilepsy

For centuries, there have been virtually no effective treatments for epilepsy. The progress of medical science in our century has led to the emergence of drugs that can to some extent help most patients, but scientists are still looking for new anticonvulsants (so-called anticonvulsants) that would be safer than existing ones. Indeed, all antiepileptic drugs have side…
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EEG decoding in childhood, norm and pathology

The main methods for diagnosing epilepsy are magnetic resonance imaging and electroencephalogram. The article will discuss the EEG of the brain: what is it, decoding in children. An encephalogram is a method for studying the bioelectrical activity of the brain. This study allows you to determine the activity of neurons in different parts of the brain, the…
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EEG monitoring – accurate and early detection of neurological pathologies

EEG monitoring is the only way to accurately and early detection of neurological pathologies. EEG video monitoring is a study, during which a doctor has the opportunity to obtain a long-term simultaneous recording of an electroencephalogram, audio and video data about all types of bioelectrical activity of the human brain. Monitoring is carried out for a…
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EEG in childhood – an important study of the work of the cerebral cortex

EEG of the brain in children, what is it? This is a type of study of the work of the cerebral cortex, based on the recording and display of electrical impulses. Do not worry about how safe the study is if you decide to do an EEG for your child:  The biocurrents flowing along the electrodes are…
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First aid for an attack

An epileptic seizure can look quite frightening, but in reality it does not require urgent medical attention.   Usually, after the end of the attack, the person quickly recovers, but until everything stops, he really needs your support. We will tell you exactly how to help people suffering from epilepsy.  How to behave during an attack: If any unusual conditions…
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