Month: November 2021

Blog articles can help you overcome panic attacks, anxiety, hypochondria, social phobia and other anxiety conditions.


Schizophrenia, formerly lat. Dementia praecox (“premature dementia”) is a mental disorder associated with distorted thinking and emotional responses. Schizophrenia is one of the most common mental illnesses. For most people, this word is associated with something terrible, with getting to a psychiatric hospital, long, possibly lifelong treatment, unpredictable aggressive behavior, disability and dropout from society.    There is also an opposite…
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How to overcome fear?

Fear is one of the human feelings that can and should be present in the norm. Fear warns a person of danger and ultimately helps him survive. However, sometimes fear becomes almost the main emotion that a person experiences with or without reason, fear loses its adaptive role and begins to interfere with a person’s life. The level…
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Who is a psychologist and who is a psychotherapist?

There is some confusion in the use of the concepts of psychologist and psychotherapist. There is a vague idea that both have to do with the psyche and somehow “treat” it in the course of a conversation with a patient. At the same time, the image of a psychotherapist is much more solid. A man of age,…
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Postpartum depression

Pregnancy and childbirth is a complex process, accompanied by hormonal changes in the whole body. Postpartum depression can be a side effect of these changes.  It would seem that all the hardest things are behind us, you can recuperate and enjoy life, but… melancholy, apathy are falling, the future is seen in a gloomy light. Even the mother’s…
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EEG during pregnancy

Electroencephalography (EEG) is an innovative method for studying the function of the brain, which is based on the registration of electrical impulses emanating from its individual zones. Can an EEG be done during pregnancy? EEG is an absolutely safe study that has no contraindications.  Neurophysiologists perform electroencephalography using modern equipment from European manufacturers. EEG for pregnant women is…
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