Month: July 2022

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Epileptic syndrome in children and adults. What is important to know?

What is an epileptic syndrome? What kinds exist? Can they be cured and how do they differ from epilepsy? Epileptic syndrome (or episyndrome ) is a type of epilepsy in which similar symptoms appear in a group of patients. For example: the age of onset of epilepsy, a similar course of the disease, similar results…
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Epilepsy in newborns. What to do?

How does epilepsy manifest in newborns and what are its causes? Is this disease treated in infants and what should parents do? Newborns have the highest number of seizures among all young patients with epilepsy, which is due to numerous reasons. In premature babies under 1500 grams, seizures are most common. As found in a…
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Life expectancy in epilepsy

What is the life expectancy for epilepsy? Is it possible to die from epileptic seizures? How to protect the life of a sick child or adult? The death rate in epilepsy is twice as high as in healthy people. We are talking exclusively about deaths, which relate only to epilepsy and seizures, and not to…
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Epilepsy attacks: types and features

What are epileptic seizures? How do myoclonic , tonic, clonic and other seizures manifest themselves in children and adults? Depending on the type of epilepsy, as well as the cause of the disease, patients may experience different types of seizures. It is important to remember that the same patient may experience various epileptic seizures. Types…
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Epileptic encephalopathy in children. How to treat and what is the prognosis?

What is epileptic encephalopathy and how does it manifest itself in children? What treatment is needed and what is important for parents to know? Epileptic encephalopathy is a type of epilepsy that can lead to brain damage. Epileptic encephalopathy is a severe variant of the course of the disease, in which, in most cases, not…
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