Month: September 2021

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Memo to parents of patients with epilepsy

It is important for parents of patients with epilepsy to adhere to a number of guidelines. It should be borne in mind that at present, the qualified selection of antiepileptic drugs (AED), which is carried out by a doctor, allows in most cases to gradually achieve a complete cessation of seizures in patients or significantly…
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Diet and cotogen with epilepsy

A ketogenic diet for epilepsy is prescribed when antiepileptic drugs do not show the expected effectiveness, or provoke the development of unwanted side effects. The diet implies that the diet contains about 70% fat, and only 30% proteins and carbohydrates.  This diet is mainly used in children’s practice. The mechanism of the ketogenic diet is the…
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Epilepsy lifestyle

For a doctor, the main questions are – the cause, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of epilepsy. It is important for the patients themselves and their families to be able to lead a normal life. The most frequently asked questions are: how will illness and drugs affect the ability to think, work, drive a car, play sports, watch…
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Epilepsy causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Quite a large number of people are deeply mistaken when they believe that epilepsy cannot be cured. In fact, epilepsy is not a death sentence and responds well enough to treatment until the stage of remission is reached and even complete recovery with drug withdrawal. The most important thing is timely diagnosis and referral to…
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Frequent complaints from parents of young children

With the improvement of various diagnostic methods, on the one hand, it became easier for a doctor to make a correct diagnosis, on the other hand, questions arose: how to explain the parents’ complaints, in the absence of changes in the examination results. Or, when these results do not correspond to the complaints in the classical view.  …
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