Month: December 2021

Blog articles can help you overcome panic attacks, anxiety, hypochondria, social phobia and other anxiety conditions.

Psychotherapy for schizophrenia

There are different points of view on psychotherapy for schizophrenia. Sometimes, due to a false fear of psychiatry and psychiatrists, the patient’s relatives for a long time try to treat him with different specialists using exclusively psychotherapeutic methods, ignoring the need for drug treatment. Sometimes, the opposite situation occurs, when the patient is prescribed a certain…
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On crisis ages through the eyes of a neurologist

“Our child has become stubborn, does not obey, does everything in his own way and throws tantrums…. He needs something soothing … ”  Such complaints are more often heard from parents of children in transition: about 3 years old and about 14 years old (in fact, some earlier, some later, depending on the rapid or early maturation).…
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Rehabilitation for schizophrenia

Modern psychiatry has made great strides in the treatment of schizophrenia. The use of modern drugs allows you to quickly stop an acute attack, prevent a relapse of the disease. Rehabilitation for schizophrenia What is the reason that the majority of patients, despite the treatment, again end up in the walls of psychiatric clinics? This is mainly…
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The perfect remedy for depression

What are the main treatments for depression? Medication and psychotherapeutic. Sometimes these two approaches, different in their mechanism of action, are artificially opposed to each other. People with a narrow outlook tend to rush to extremes and declare either the complete failure of psychotherapy, or indiscriminately blame medications, relying only on the saving power of the word. As…
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What is a psychological problem?

So, a problem becomes a problem when a person wants to achieve some goal, but he fails. It can be said in another way. There is an individual, there is a desire (without desire, there is no problem), there is some kind of goal, either real or imagined, and some kind of obstacle, also real or imagined, that prevents…
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