Month: July 2021

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The role of video-EEG monitoring in the diagnosis of epilepsy

EEG video monitoring is the only highly accurate informative study that records brain signals and records the patient’s video. There are no contraindications and age restrictions for the study. The method is absolutely safe and painless. The diagnostic method plays an important role in the diagnosis of paroxysmal conditions and disorders of the nervous system. According to American neurophysiologists,…
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Injuries and accidents in patients with epilepsy

There are certain situations in which there is a risk for people with epilepsy. In such situations, there is a possibility of complications and even death. Medical professionals clearly define the etiology of such cases and know how to prevent their occurrence. We are talking about changing the patient’s lifestyle, about the introduction of certain restrictions that will…
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Epilepsy in old age: causes and manifestations

Epilepsy is a common neurological disease that is diagnosed in old age at least as often as stroke. The course of this pathology among elderly people is especially dangerous, since the body is more susceptible to influence, attacks are formed much more often. It is almost impossible to predict epileptic seizures.  Diagnostic tests and studies of epilepsy…
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Doctor epileptologist

An epileptologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. However, he is also engaged in the diagnosis of other neurological diseases, for example, episodes of loss of consciousness of various origins, sleep disorders. In most cases, the practitioner is an epileptologist neurologist with in-depth knowledge of paroxysmal disorders (diseases of the…
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Living without epileptic seizures

Life with epilepsy can be fulfilling when seizures are not bothering you. Many famous and legendary personalities were diagnosed with epilepsy, which did not prevent them from showing themselves brilliantly and leaving a mark on history. According to the WHO, proper treatment helps 70% of patients get rid of seizures. And the state of health after remission,…
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