Month: March 2021

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Epilepsy treatment by surgeons

Surgical treatment takes place through operations on the brain. The operation is prescribed only in cases where epileptic seizures are diagnosed only in certain areas of the brain, during the operation on which the patient’s vital activity will not be disturbed. Surgical treatment is prescribed for up to 20% of patients with epilepsy. The main task in…
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Frequently asked questions in pregnancy during epilepsy

Is pregnancy safe for women with epilepsy? Yes, it’s safe! With proper care, over 90% of women give birth to healthy babies. Although there is a 25% risk of recurrence of seizures during pregnancy. It is important to control seizures and anti-epilepsy medications. they can affect the fetus. Does epilepsy affect getting pregnant? Maybe. Epilepsy can increase the risk of…
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What can and cannot be eaten with epilepsy?

Eco-friendly products are rare. Store shelves are full of a variety of products, but it is very difficult to choose natural products that do not contain food additives. There are foods that have a positive effect on the human condition, and some of them provoke various diseases. It’s no secret that there is food that kills. But the…
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What should not be done with epilepsy?

Each patient asks the question – what should not be done with epilepsy? In this article, we will analyze those cases that can provoke epilepsy.   It is not recommended to immediately go to bed in the afternoon after a meal and in general it is better to refrain from naps. Celery and parsley are the causative agents…
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Epilepsy during sleep. Causes and symptoms of nocturnal epilepsy

Epilepsy is a chronic disease manifested by convulsive seizures, vomiting, loss of consciousness and other equally dangerous symptoms. It is considered a neurological disease and is treated by neurologists. Attacks occur both during the day and at night. But when they disturb a person only during sleep, then the disease is called “nocturnal epilepsy”.  Epileptic syndrome most often…
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Epilepsy and sex. How to have sex for epilepsy?

Sexual problems are important at any time in life. This is especially true for people with epilepsy. Living with epilepsy may have little effect on a person’s sexual performance. How can epilepsy affect sex? Research shows that about half of men and a third of women with epilepsy believe they have a problem with sex. The main cause…
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