Month: January 2021

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The secret of adoption: needed or not

Should I tell the child that he is adopted? In our country, every parent who has taken a responsible step and adopted a new person into the family thinks about this issue. No European country has an adoption secrecy law. Parents do not try to hide this fact from their adopted children. In Russia, there is a law…
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What is the danger of urethritis in pregnant women

Pregnancy for a woman is a joyful event, because as a result a new person will be born! However, pregnancy is a difficult test for a woman’s body, since during this period it needs to support not only itself, but also to create optimal favorable conditions for the development of a new life. All this leads to…
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Planning a child for epilepsy

Epilepsy is not a common illness among pregnant women. At the same time, for women suffering from this ailment, the issue of childbirth is especially acute. Below we will consider what you need to know about this pathology. With epilepsy, the brain is damaged, the classic manifestation of which is seizures. Other forms are also possible ( absences , myoclonus ). Epilepsy…
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Signs and symptoms of epilepsy in children

According to world statistics, 1% of children show signs of pathological brain activity. But this terrible diagnosis is not a sentence, and up to 80% of all forms of the disease can be controlled with the help of drug therapy. Epilepsy does not affect mental development and does not reduce the intelligence of the child. Signs and…
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Epileptic seizure: causes, signs and treatment bases

Epileptic seizures are sudden seizures. They can occur against the background of overwork, hyperthermia, stress, intoxication, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, as well as prolonged computer games or watching TV. 1 in 20 people have had an epileptic seizure at least once in their life. Causes of epileptic seizures One-time seizures can even occur in people who…
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The causes of epilepsy

Epilepsy causes different causes , it can manifest itself in absolutely any person. If a person has not previously suffered from this disease, then in adulthood, the manifestation of epilepsy requires some kind of strong effect on the brain, for example, a head injury. Children are more susceptible to this disease, since the brain reacts more excitedly to any irritating…
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