Month: May 2021

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Hereditary epilepsy

Some forms of epilepsy are inherited. The risk of having a sick child in a woman with epilepsy depends on the form of the disease.  Hereditary (genetic) forms give a 7% risk of developing any form of epilepsy in offspring. At what age you can expect the onset of hereditary forms of epilepsy, we describe in the…
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Is epilepsy in children treated?

Epilepsy is a neurological pathology of a chronic nature. With her, the body is prone to convulsive seizures of various strengths.  A typical manifestation of the disease is periodic situations during which muscle cramps develop into a seizure with loss of consciousness. The child’s brain activity is normalized by pills Pronounced seizures are considered an extremely…
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Epilepsy in infants: symptoms of seizures up to a year

Epilepsy in infants can be associated with a hereditary predisposition or intrauterine developmental problems. With the right therapy, remission is possible. Etiology of the disease Epilepsy in newborns can occur for the following reasons: Heredity. According to statistics, if both parents are sick, then the child will be born with pathology in 90% of cases. If only one…
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Age and epilepsy

More often, epileptic seizures begin in childhood – from birth to 15 years. These are usually genetic forms of epilepsy. Hereditarily determined forms have a more favorable prognosis for recovery, and respond well to antiepileptic drug therapy.  There are also some forms of epilepsy that can be left untreated under certain conditions. An example is Self-limiting childhood epilepsy with centrotemporal adhesions…
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First episode of epilepsy

The first seizure of epilepsy cannot always be considered by epileptologists as the debut of epilepsy. Many different diseases lead to the development of a condition similar to the first episode of epilepsy.    Let us examine the most common options that occur at a neurologist’s appointment when patients are treated with an episode similar to epilepsy. According to statistics, a single epileptic…
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