Month: February 2021

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Symptomatic focal epilepsy in children and adults

Focal epilepsy can occur in both adults and children. The symptoms of this disease can manifest itself in completely different ways for each person, therefore it is very important to timely identify the disorder and consult a doctor for subsequent examination and testing.  Focal symptomatic epilepsy is symptomatic because the cerebral cortex is not completely damaged. Focal…
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Symptoms of epilepsy in children and adults

Epilepsy is a serious and chronic condition. When the first attack occurs, you should expect that they will recur again. In some situations, the breaks between attacks, subject to medical therapy and a special diet, can last for several years, sometimes even tens. The causes of epilepsy Experts note that epilepsy belongs to the category of congenital diseases. It…
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Tonic convulsions. Symptoms and how to deal with them

Quite a large number of people constantly or occasionally encounter such a phenomenon as seizures. Most often, they appear in the lower leg, but can affect other parts of the body. Let’s try to figure out the reason for their appearance, types and therapy. Convulsive contraction concept A seizure is a muscle contraction that occurs involuntarily and…
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Febrile seizures in children and adults – treatment methods

Febrile seizures are seizures associated with high fever. Parents who observe this condition in their child are seized with panic. After all, the spectacle is really frightening. However, is it really that dangerous? And how to help the baby cope with this phenomenon?     Characteristics of pathology What are febrile seizures? We are talking about seizures of a convulsive nature that occur only at high…
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