Proper nutrition and lifestyle for epilepsy

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Proper nutrition and lifestyle for epilepsy

A person who has been diagnosed with epilepsy needs to pay attention to their diet. Take your time, start a notebook and keep track of which product does not suit you.

Food should be your medicine, not so that you eat everything and then look for the medicine and swallow it. For a sick person, warm food of moderately dense consistency with a salty, sour and sweet taste, with the addition of oils, is ideal. We need food that calms a person, and does not irritate.

Vegetable soups are good: carrots, pumpkin, some potatoes, cucumbers, onions, turnips, beets.

Products that are not very suitable: these are cabbage, zucchini, eggplant, lettuce, mushrooms, paprika, tomatoes. If you eat them, then do it in small quantities or exclude altogether

Be sure to exclude stimulating foods from your diet: celery, peppers, parsley, coriander seed, saffron, mustard, shambhala, turmeric and garlic.

All vegetables are only boiled, they cannot be raw! It is good to eat vegetable soup whitened with cream. Patients are good with warm, moist food, which means it is good for breakfast porridge: rice, wheat or oatmeal with the addition of milk and butter or sunflower, or refined sunflower or olive oil (other oils are undesirable).

Buckwheat cannot be eaten from cereals, it acts on the head, and barley, millet, rye, corn are not very good cereals.

From dairy products, everything is possible in moderation, yogurt with any berry is especially good: blueberries, cherries, strawberries to drink, diluted in half with warm water and adding a little soap or sugar there, as you like. But you can’t just drink and eat everything warm, cold, especially ice cream. Cold causes vasospasm.

From meat – it is better to have a little poultry, exclude red varieties: this is beef, lamb, pork.

From spices and spices you can: dill, a little salt, onions are good both raw and boiled or in soup.

Do not: starve, eat dry food, eat cold food. Eat everything only warm, well cooked in liquid form. Wheat bread is better, 1st grade, rye – not very good.

Drinking constantly, little by little, when there is a thirst, everything warm, carbonated is impossible, only if it settles (gases come out).

From legumes, it is better to eat green peas, tofu, red and black lentils.

Undesirable: pea soup, and the rest – beans, beans, soy.

Do not: drink alcohol, smoke, drink coffee, strong tea. It is better to drink herbal tea – chamomile, lemon balm or mint, and if constipation – add senna (Alexandrian leaf).

Do not eat foods that have a bitter, pungent, pungent, astringent taste. Unripe fruits are very knit and should be avoided, especially unripe bananas. Cranberries, persimmons, pomegranates are undesirable.

Good compote from peeled apples and pears. All sweet fruits are good: apricots, blueberries, cherries, lingonberries and jam from them. If acidity allows, you can use lemons, oranges, mangoes, pineapple.

Start the morning with a glass of boiled water, lemon or blueberry jam. And then after 20-30 minutes there is porridge. After eating, drink a little, drink herbal tea after 1 hour, drink boiled water with activated charcoal – 2 weeks after eating.

For lunch – vegetable soup, it is good to eat one dish at a time (as our ancestors ate), it will be better absorbed. You can eat all pasta, in the afternoon tea – tea with cookies, rose hips with black currants, or apple compote.

Dinner – homemade cottage cheese is good: add calcium chloride, bought at the pharmacy, to milk, when it heats up, and stir, cottage cheese will form. Dinner should be 2 hours before bedtime. Eat what you like, what you like, check all foods for allergies and which foods the body reacts to with attacks.

Possible attacks on food: watermelon (nitrates), nuts (spasm of cerebral vessels), beets (allergies), fish and fish oil, herbs-laxative – buckthorn bark, dandelion (high acidity, grapes (allergies), unripe bananas, meat.

We are all different, and our reaction to food is different, you need to accurately track the body’s response to a particular product. Find the reason, remove it and there will be no seizures. 

One of the causes of seizures may be worms. Unfortunately, analyzes do not always show them. You yourself can define it this way: if the patient creaks his teeth in a dream, then you need to drink herbs: mint (mint taste or lemon balm) and clay – drink one week, a week break, Smecta-clay will drive out all the worms. 

Another reason for seizures is fever. You can’t bask in the sun. Do not wash your hair with hot water. To wash only with warm water, cold water is also impossible, and better under the shower. If you have a cold and high fever, make compresses on your hands and feet with water and vinegar in half. And drink herbal tea with linden. Linden is both diaphoretic and vasodilator. Do not heat any part of the body with electrical appliances and heating pads. Irritants should be avoided. All of these can cause seizures. Dress for the weather, do not wear synthetic clothing, dress so that the body breathes. The air should be fresh at least at home and not very dry. You cannot overheat, you cannot freeze, be in a draft.

For a sick person, warm food of moderately dense consistency with a salty, sour and sweet taste, with the addition of oils is ideal!

Many have already noticed that seizures are associated with the moon. Be especially careful on the days of the full moon, new moon, in the first quarter, in the third quarter – see the lunar calendar. In no case should you sleep in the moonlight so that the moon shines through the window on the patient. You cannot listen to thunder, fight, ringing of bells, if this cannot be avoided, cover your ears with your hands, cotton wool.

Since these people are sensitive to noise, the atmosphere in the house must be good, quiet, friendly, quiet, calm, especially when eating. You need to eat and drink slowly. Since the thirst point is at the tip of the tongue, you need to rinse your mouth after eating so that you do not want to drink a lot, and so that it is clean, so that there are no sick teeth. To avoid fungi on the hands and feet, you need to treat everything on time.

All our diseases come from ignorance and laziness. They say that there are no incurable diseases, there are incurable people. And all diseases are associated with breathing, eating, and behavior. You need to breathe constantly evenly, calmly: inhale – once, do twice, exhale should be twice as long.

You need to do breathing exercises. We have many systems: according to Buteyko, according to Strelnikova, sobbing breath, any to choose from – whichever you like. Learn to live correctly, lead a healthy lifestyle. Get some rest, learn to relax, read books, listen to good radio programs and good songs, sing and dance yourself, smile more often – laughter relieves tension. Observe the regime of the day: sleep from 10 pm – 8 hours at least, try to fully rest at night in order to feel fresh in the morning.

Learn to relax at work, in the car, in a public place. Short, 5-10 min. rest will keep you feeling great for the whole day.

Eat small meals, but regularly 3-4 times a day. A prolonged feeling of hunger, as well as an abundant feast, contributes to the appearance of fatigue. This means that you cannot starve and overeat. Include in your food those foods that you have eaten and feel great, exclude fried foods, fatty, spicy, bitter and astringent. Good food is fresh, reheated is undesirable. Good: fresh fruit pies, warm milk with a spoonful of honey (if you are not allergic to honey) – a good sleeping pill for the night.

Keep your body clean. Hair, if long, then do not twist them into knots, let them be straight. Wash your head and body only with warm water, hot water should not be used so as not to overheat the body Feet can also be washed in warm water for a week in a basin, just do not warm!

It’s good to walk in the fresh air, in good weather, but not in the sun. After all, happiness is the pleasant little things that surround you. So be all happy and healthy! Health is in our hands.! No negative emotions, and if you find yourself in a stressful situation, learn to get out of them with the least loss. Work on yourself, drive away bad thoughts from yourself, do what you love, you can sew, knit, draw, play checkers with epilepsy is undesirable, sing, dance. Wish all people health and do more good.

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