Scientists have developed a new way to deal with epilepsy

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Scientists have developed a new way to deal with epilepsy

A group of British scientists managed to develop a new tool that can fight epilepsy. In the coming decade, people will be able to take pills for epilepsy as needed, such as pills for headaches.

Currently, among the 50 million people who suffer from epilepsy, only 70% of them respond positively to antiepileptic drugs, while the rest agree to undergo surgery. The basis of treatment is daily medication, which is a fairly long period of time in conjunction with examinations by specialists and regular studies. 

Scientists from London have managed to develop tools that can help those who do not respond to the usual course of treatment. The new method was tested on rodents and showed good results. The principle of this method is to make cells more sensitive to a particular compound in the human brain.

Currently available drugs only inhibit the activity of brain cells, and this often leads to side effects. If a patient needs a large dose of the drug to stop an epileptic seizure, then it is likely that he will be in the intensive care unit.

Recall that epilepsy is a fairly common disease of the nervous system. Signs of epileptic seizures are very variable, this is due to the fact on which part of the brain the violation occurs. Temporary symptoms are also very variable, it can be a loss of orientation or consciousness, impaired movement, hearing, vision, mood or taste.

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