The causes of epilepsy

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The causes of epilepsy

Epilepsy causes different causes , it can manifest itself in absolutely any person. If a person has not previously suffered from this disease, then in adulthood, the manifestation of epilepsy requires some kind of strong effect on the brain, for example, a head injury. Children are more susceptible to this disease, since the brain reacts more excitedly to any irritating factors. 

There are many reasons for the appearance of epileptic activity in the brain, so sometimes even doctors fail to clearly recognize and isolate any one of them. Of course, epilepsy most often manifests itself in early childhood or is congenital in nature.

This epilepsy is called primary and is fairly easy to treat. The second type of epilepsy occurs due to brain damage and is called secondary.  


A child whose at least one of the parents has epilepsy belongs to the risk group, since the chances of getting sick are five times greater than a person who has not had such a disease in his family. But children are no longer lucky, with both parents suffering from epilepsy. In this case, the risk is doubled.

It should be noted that the child inherits not the disease itself, but the peculiarities of the activity of the brain of his parents. And if the first attacks in one of the parents appeared in adolescence, then in their children, they will most likely appear ten years earlier.

Traumatic brain injury

If a person has ever suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, as a result of which there was a loss of consciousness for a long time, then he may develop epilepsy even after several years. This is one of the most common causes of epileptic activity in the brain.

However, in order to provoke this kind of activity, it will not be enough to get a minor traumatic brain injury. Although some children can cause irreparable damage to the brain, even excessive motion sickness. Another important feature of the onset of epilepsy in children due to head injuries is that the first seizures can occur more than twenty years after the moment of the injury itself.


Various diseases can cause epileptic activity. These diseases include infantile cerebral palsy, brain cancer, meningitis, encephalitis, other infections that have affected the central nervous system, vascular diseases, brain tumors, etc.

Metabolic disease

About ten percent of epilepsy cases are metabolic disorders. Moreover, these disorders are congenital and acquired. This includes people with diabetes, those who, for example, have been poisoned by lead, or even those who eat excessive amounts of fats and carbohydrates.

Complications during childbirth

Prenatal injuries and injuries that occur during childbirth can cause epilepsy if they lead to oxygen starvation of the brain.

Exposure to drugs and medication

An epileptic seizure can be triggered by taking narcotic drugs, brittleness, stopping the use of antiepileptic drugs, barbiturates, Valium , Librium .

Sometimes antiepileptic drugs, which were taken simultaneously with some other drugs, can provoke the development of the disease .


Stress is rarely the sole cause of epilepsy. However, in some patients, an epileptic seizure is directly related to stress and occurs immediately after it.

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