Epilepsy treatment by surgeons

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Epilepsy treatment by surgeons

Surgical treatment takes place through operations on the brain. The operation is prescribed only in cases where epileptic seizures are diagnosed only in certain areas of the brain, during the operation on which the patient’s vital activity will not be disturbed. Surgical treatment is prescribed for up to 20% of patients with epilepsy.

The main task in the surgical treatment of a patient is to completely reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures.

In what cases is surgical treatment prescribed?

  • with partial seizures with an aura, when the patient is conscious before the attack;
  • with secondary generalization of partial seizures that pass with loss of consciousness;
  • with atonic seizures, which are characterized by sudden falls of the patient without convulsions.

IMPORTANT! Surgical treatment of epilepsy is not prescribed for generalized seizures that pass with primary loss of consciousness. 

To completely localize the epilepsy focus by surgery, a thorough examination of the patient is required prior to surgery. And also the postoperative period should be carefully and carefully monitored by a doctor.

With surgery, the epilepsy usually disappears forever. But it is worth remembering that any intervention in the cerebral cortex can take place with complications, so you need to contact your doctor for an initial consultation!

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